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How to leverage the maximum of this blue filter & break timer extension ?
  • Click on extension > Pin Eye Guardian
  • Open Eye Guardian popup by clicking on the icon extension
  • Play with the sliders to see what are your preferences for blue light filters
  • Click on Settings button
  • Set your preferences for day time blue light filter (it’ll be automatically adapted through the day based on your choice)
  • Same for the Night filter
  • Finally, choose your prefered Settings for the Work & Rest timers
  • By default it is set to respect the Ophthalmology recommendation to reduce eye strain. The 20-20-20 rule
  • Every 20 minutes (Work timer), you must look at an object at least 20 feets/meters away for 20 seconds (Rest timer)
  • Of course, if 20 minutes seems too quick, you can modify the duration to an hour, which is still excellent for the health of your eyes
  • Go back to the main extension page
  • Click on Auto filter to activate your settings
  • Click on play to Start the work timer
  • Enjoy your computer and let Eye Guardian notify you when the break timer is ended, then start the rest timer
  • Repeat the operation and feel the immediate benefits on your visual health

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